Adult Education

Learning is a fundamental component of an engaged Jewish life.

Sometimes people feel undernourished by their Jewish education experiences. Many people who come through our doors tell us they know there’s more to Judaism than what they’ve learned as kids, but they’re also intimidated by what they don’t know. Or daunted by how much it seems like one is supposed to know to feel “entitled” to walk through a Jewish door.

At Judaism Your Way, the goal of our adult education programs is to help people discover their own voices within Judaism, to figure out what their way is – in terms of what they believe, what they will do, and what roles Judaism will play in their lives. We offer Judaism as a resource, not a prescription.

Interfaith Couples Groups

Since our inception, JYW has been helping interfaith couples deepen understandings, have conversations, and create ceremonies.  We have also offered groups specifically for interfaith LGBTQ couples. 

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Open Tent: Judaism for Grown-Ups

In January 2014, JYW piloted Open Tent: Judaism for Grownups, an opportunity for adults to explore Judaism on their own terms.  We plan to offer this course again, though it has not yet been scheduled.  Click here to sign up for our mailing list to be contacted about future programming.

Community Your Way

An opportunity to meet new people, form or join a small group/Havurah based on shared interests, and connect with the JYW community.

We will hold our first Community Your Way event in Boulder this spring!  To be notified when more information about this event becomes available, sign up for our e-newsletter.

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Holiday Programming

We regularly offer classes and workshops in advance of holidays, giving participants the opportunity to deepen their holiday experience, or explore a new aspect of the holiday.  Please check back for upcoming classes and workshops.


Judaism Your Way occasionally offers Ayeka Jewish spirituality groups. Ayeka is a unique and accessible approach to Jewish learning that is focused on personal engagement with texts from Jewish wisdom traditions. The goal of Ayeka is not solely to become more knowledgeable, but to become a deeper, better, authentic version of ourselves through open and honest inquiry into life’s most important questions and challenges.

“Ayeka” means “Where are you?” and was created to facilitate meaningful conversations about how the wisdom of Judaism can enrich everyday life. The Ayeka approach holds that every person has her or his own unique path and pace of personal and spiritual growth. Ayeka groups seek to give every individual the opportunity to take more steps on this path.

For more information, or if you’d like to organize your own Ayeka group with us, please contact