What Would It Be Like? A Yom Kippur Story

This poem was submitted by Judaism Your Way participant Carrie Esposito. 

What Would It Be Like? A Yom Kippur Story

By Carrie Esposito 


Today I am willing to forgive.
Today I am willing to tell a different story.
Not the one of yesterday,
where I am wronged, hurt, misunderstood.
In today’s story,
I am lightness
I am not knowing
I am living in my own Book of Life.
When my little one asks,
What buy adderall pharmacy does that mean, Mama?
I will tell her it means that today
I forgive
I listen
I slow down
I greet pain and suffering like a welcome guest
sitting side by side with compassion and joy.
This is what it would be like.
I would stay still like this,
and hear the harmony of our voices.
All that there is or has ever been.