Interfaith Couples Coaching

Are you experiencing challenges as an interfaith couple? Are interfaith differences generating tensions or conflicts that you’re having trouble addressing? Or would you say that you’re doing “OK” but sense that there’s a deeper or richer level that you can enjoy?

Being in a life-long covenantal relationship with another person is one of life’s most challenging and rewarding experiences. This can be even more so when your life-partner is of a different faith or cultural tradition. Planning the wedding ceremony is only the beginning. Couples may have questions or concerns about any of the following:

Which holidays do we celebrate? How, where, and with whom?

How do we welcome and name a new child?

How do we raise the child? What kind of identity do we want them to have?

Should we affiliate with a spiritual community? What communities welcome interfaith couples and families?

How can I be present in celebrations that are foreign to me? How do I include my beloved in in celebrations that are foreign to them?

Rabbi Brian Field deeply enjoys working with interfaith couples and brings over 19 years of experience, including his work as a congregational rabbi and hospital chaplain.

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