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What Would It Be Like? A Yom Kippur Story

What Would It Be Like? A Yom Kippur Story

This poem was submitted by Judaism Your Way participant Carrie Esposito.  What Would It Be Like? A…

Winds Of Life By Martin Factor

Winds of Life by Martin Factor

This poem was submitted by Judaism Your Way participant Martin Factor.  Winds of Life by…

Leonard Cohen: A Loving Appreciation

Leonard Cohen: A Loving Appreciation

Rabbi Brian’s tribute to Leonard Cohen and his powerful Jewish spiritual voice.

You Want It Darker – Leonard Cohen’s Most Jewish Album?

You Want It Darker – Leonard Cohen’s Most Jewish Album?

Cohen’s is the voice of incompletion and surrender, of partial acceptance and physical and spiritual loss.

An Insight About Jewish Spirituality with Help From a Lakota Chief on A Zen Retreat  

An Insight about Jewish Spirituality with Help from a Lakota Chief on a Zen Retreat  

Rabbi Brian’s reflections after a seven day meditation retreat.

Cross That Line

Given the challenges that our society, our country, our planet is facing, what lines should we all be crossing?

The Vows We Break

Kol Nidre is our tradition’s way of reminding us that we aren’t only constrained by the past.

What Burns but does Not Burn Up?

We don’t normally think of the story of the burning bush as a story of teshuvah, of turning. But it is. Not simply a story of returning to the place of one’s birth, but returning to a place in one’s heart that one thought was closed forever.

The Four Fundamentals of Jewish Spirituality

Rabbi Brian’s perspective on the four fundamental components that make up Judaism.

What Makes An ‘Interfaith’ Couple?

Caryn Aviv shares stories of couples and families that have challenged the way she thinks about a particular idea and phrase that is central to the work we do at Judaism Your Way: interfaith.

The Third Rail

During Yom Kippur, we are asked to reflect on our own actions and seek forgiveness with people we might have harmed in the previous year. But what about when we’re the ones nursing a grievance and feel hurt, and we want someone else to come to us and apologize?

“I Am Your Ally; I Will Walk With You Through This Darkness.”

“I am your ally; I will walk with you through this darkness.”

Matthew LeBauer’s remarks at the Community Solidarity Gathering to mourn the victims of the Orlando shooting.