High Holy Day Services

We look forward to celebrating the Jewish New Year 5778 with you on September 20-21 & 29-30, 2017.

Judaism Your Way’s annual High Holy Day services – at the Denver Botanic Gardens – bring together over 6,000 Jews and loved ones for a joyful Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur experience

Judaism Your Way offers authentic Jewish experiences without judgment. Our clergy teach the“Torah of Inclusion” – our radically-inclusive Open Tent philosophy. We welcome all Jews and loved ones to join us in the beautiful, natural setting of the Gardens. From a spiritual (not religious) conversation about Leonard Cohen lyrics, to Teen programs and Family services, we offer numerous chances to connect, reflect and celebrate. Please join us! 

Here’s what past participants say about our services:

The JYW concept is very fresh and refreshing. The organization and people are very engaging, friendly and bright. The services were both traditional and contemporary. The staff was helpful and nice. The entire experience was a 10 on a scale of 10.

These services are not just recitation of prayers. They draw you in spiritually through the varied music, give you much to think about, and make you feel a part of the service. You are included, not just an observer.

[JYW services] are welcoming, inclusive and the outdoor setting is intoxicating and amplifies the service. The services make Judaism accessible and understandable. At the same time, the history and depth of study are not forgotten. The teamwork is also clear and is part of the warmth of the service. It even transfers to knowing that there is a group inside having an equally fulfilling experience.

High Holy Days“By far the most in tune and spiritually fulfilling Jewish experience I have, truly meaningful and relevant. My kids actually participate and enjoy their time there. Engaging, accessible, lovely.”

Yom Kippur Judaism Your Way Inclusive“Most welcoming Jewish community I’ve ever encountered. My non-Jewish wife isn’t made to feel as if she must convert to share in this with me. We’re accepted for who we are and not told we need to be something different.”

High Holy Days Botanic Gardens“The natural aspect of being in a tent, with sun and flowers was very powerful to me. Look at this wonderful natural setting that has been given to us!”

What makes our High Holy Days different?

  • Participants choose from two rabbinic teams and two locations at the Denver Botanic Gardens: outdoor tent or climate-controlled indoor space.
  • Rabbinic leadership represents 4 major denominations: Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, and Jewish Renewal.
  • There is no cost to participate and after services, JYW participants are welcome to spend the rest of the holiday in the Denver Botanic Gardens, free of charge.
  • JYW utilizes an original machzor (prayer booklet) that combines fresh English translations of traditional Hebrew prayers, poems and writings from other faith traditions, and contemporary music.
  • Average service length is approximately two-hours long. In offering a shorter service, we acknowledge and honor participants’ desire to pray in community and find balance in their busy lives.