Passover Challenge

#JYWPassoverChallenge Judaism Your Way Inclusive

Development Director Steven Senft taking the #JYWPassoverChallenge

The Judaism Your Way Passover Challenge is a video challenge shared over social media in which friends and family members dare each other to eat one bite of horseradish and gefilte fish on camera – showing their support for an inclusive Judaism and Judaism Your Way while providing scholarships to our 8th Night Passover Seder.

Part of the challenge is engaging others to be part of the Passover Challenge by “tagging” them on Facebook. Make sure that you challenge at least 3 friends or family members to take the #JYWPassoverChallenge!

The JYW Passover Challenge is all about positive impact. Traditionally, Jews eat bitter herbs and gefilte fish at Passover as a reminder of the struggles of past generations. This year it can also be a gesture of affirmation among Jews and loved ones alike – and a way to encourage good will and alleviate hardship.

So, consider taking a bite for the cause! A few moments of sweat, tears and facial order adderall online contortions will provide joy and laughter to many – and you’ll be part of creating more inclusive Jewish opportunities!


  1. Film yourself eating a teaspoon of horseradish and/or gefilte fish (matzo is optional). Remember to say your name and that you’re participating in the Judaism Your Way Passover Challenge and to challenge three people you think would LOVE to eat some horseradish and gefilte fish for an amazing cause!
  1. The week of Passover, post your video to Facebook with “I took the #JYWPassoverChallenge to support @JudaismYourWay and an inclusive Judaism – WILL YOU?” Then tag and challenge your friends to take the #JYWPassoverChallenge on social media!
  1. Donate to Judaism Your Way. Your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $12,000 thanks to the generosity of our board. All gifts designated to endowment will be matched an additional dollar-for-dollar by the generosity of the Sturm Family Foundation.


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Many thanks in advance for your generous support of Judaism Your Way.